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The NBTHK European Branch

The centre of the activity of the NBTHK is of course in Japan, but the NBTHK Branch in Europe is the only one outside that country and it offers Collectors the fullest possible support and possibilities for learning with:

Bi-monthly meetings in ever-changing locations in Europe, featuring Reports on Sword-related studies

Guidance and hints on proper care, storage and handling

Extensive impartial advice and opinions on every sort of question regarding the Sword and its fit-tings, Polishing, obtaining Papers etc.

Translations of the most important parts of the monthly journal Token Bijutsu into the English language.

The NBTHK is acutely aware of its special obligations, and those of every Collector, to ensure the transmission of these extraordinary blades unharmed into future generations and further centuries. Improper care or handling, and especially ignorant cleaning and attempts at polishing, have done irredeemable harm to many a formerly good Sword. This sort of treatment renders it worthless and impossible to restore, and degrades the Sword from an object of contemplation with high religious and cultural worth, into a mere weapon. Conversely, a minor blade will never become an Art-Sword, even with the best polish.

"When examining a Sword it is customary first of all to thank the previous owners for having treasured the blade and handed it down to succeeding generations. It is also proper to bow in a sign of respect for both the Sword and its owners."

Nagayama; The Connoisseurs Book of the Japanese Sword 1997; 308 ( Kodansha )

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